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Suite 4, Second Floor, Scapular Plaza, Igbo-efon, Lekki, Lagos , Suite 4, Second Floor, Scapular Plaza , Lagos, Lagos State, 101233,  101233
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About Us

#1 Blockchain powered E-commerce in AfricaWarrantiMall is fully dedicated to bringing trust and accountability to e-commerce in Africa. The sole purpose is to establish a market leading e-commerce platform in Africa, powered by blockchain technology, based on professionalism, integrity and unwavering commitment to customer service.WarrantiMall�s ObjectiveWarrantiMall’s fundamental objective is to realize how we tremendously impact the marketplaces and communities where African local manufacturers and local products sellers do business in; by changing the way immediate and global consumers perceive African made products.Taking Africa to the WorldWith our partnership with Africa local manufacturers in getting their products to buyers, establishing a quality standard, promoting the good will to immediate communities and global consumers, giving them a competitive edge and opening them up to global buyers who may wish to buy original African products straight from Africa, we will achieve our fundamental objective.WarrantiMall is designed to solve existing problems in the African e-commerce sector, the platform�s target is to facilitate and optimize the interaction amongst sellers, buyers as well as other parties involved. The platform users experience outlines a well-balanced ecosystem based on cutting edge crypto-security and frictionless interaction.WarrantiMall is set up in a way that buyers and sellers can fully enjoy the benefits of online trade. The link between Online Trade and e-commerce with crypto-technologies delivers the opportunity for the implementation of a large scale project and allows for further expansion. The WarrantiMall platform is fully equipped to deliver a revolution of the e-commerce sector in Africa.Blockchain TechnologyThe WarrantiMall platform fully unleashes the potential of the blockhain technology to act not just as a means of payment and store of value, but also as a fully functional means of trading products and services.




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