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Based in Menlo Park, California, we’re a socio-economic cryptocurrency community which encourages people to do right things.EASY TO ADOPT – User-centric products and services are paramount to the success of this technology. We focus on creating an intuitive and easy-to-use front end UX aimed primarily at ordinary people. – All WOB is created through our GENESIS event. End-users will earn their ? after passing KYC/AML requirements. Immediate use of ? for users on WON right away with applications. FAST AND SECURE FOR USERS – WOB will be open-source and free, capable of millions of TPS and mandatory fast KYC/AML written by the WOB stack code. – KYC/AML security features help prevent and hinder illicit usage. With only one KYC session, users can use their cryptocurrency in any application without needing to resubmit. FAST AND EASY FOR DEVELOPERS – Developers incentivized with ? to develop high quality applications and bring in new users. – Using the WON and WOB, developers can kick off their cryptocurrency commodities and communities in just a few clicks on the WOP; no coding required unless they desire to further customize. All partner communities run on WON INC�s fast, scalable and secure blockchain software. – WOP will be a fast, scalable multi-blockchain open-source software providing easy-to-use, financial-grade secure platform API. – All necessarily regulatory licensing worldwide by WON INC, including but not limited to BTL/MTL so partners can safely issue their cryptocurrency on WOP easily without burden to obtain their own licenses in each jurisdiction, subject to qualifications.ENCOURAGES PEOPLE TO DO RIGHT THINGSOur mission is to achieve sustainable growth. Instead of incentivizing mining activities, we put the value back in the hands of ordinary consumers and great developers, which encourages people to do right things to the community.




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