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Xinfinit provides a cloud based HTML5 widget & application builder & administrator for you to manage and distribute your financial data.At Xinfinit we�ve already done the �heavy lifting� and built the infrastructure as the foundation upon which you can build unique real�time financial tools to serve any business ecosystem that requires market data dissemination. It’s a reliable platform that you can depend on, built using proven German methodology; quality and a keen eye for detail. The four key functions are:??Import ??Manage ??Build ??DistributeImportOpenAPIs for fast integration of multiple data sources to the low-latency scaleable message layer that delivers real-time market data and order updates to the users.ManageThe Admin centre provides a Business Rules Administrator which governs with granular control both the market data usage and the User Interface. With it you can monitor and control the data that’s consumed, the content that uses it and the widgets that provide the analysis, as well as the style of User Interface look & feel.BuildThe integrated (IDE) HTML5 Widget Builder enables you to build your own interoperable custom HTML5 apps that can be shared with other users according to the rights granted by the Admin Center. It enables widget re-use and sharing across a distributed development community and helps to speed up the development process.DistributeExport and distribute to other websites or User Interfaces the HTML5 widget content that you create with the integrated Widget Builder, with the distribution rights and permission granted via the Admin Centre.HTML5 Financial ChartsThe advanced HTML5 charting tool can also be licensed separately for use with other tools and used in conjunction with any editor. It includes a comprehensive library of over sixty technical indictors, additional ones can easily be developed on on request.




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