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Xunama: Growth-as-a-Service for Startups

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Growth-as-a-Service: strategy; revenue generation and brand-building for tech startups. Includes virtual/”fractional ownership” Marketing Director and marketing services tuned to exactly where your business is at the moment; in terms of strategy; objectives and cash flow.You are a digital disruptor in your business – rewriting the rules of your industry. You have a head full of great ideas; but you and your core team have never planned and executed marketing before and; when you even have time to think about it (um….never: you are also unbelievably busy); are basically winging it; with very mixed results. At this bootstrapping or early funding stage of your venture; you may not have the money to hire a top marketing team; full-time. You may have asked an agency to help you; and discovered that they have their own agenda about what to sell you; rather than your business goals in mind.We join your team as your virtual marketing department; obsessively focused on growth; innovation; customer experience and ROI. We learn your business fast and work with you to define and deliver a phased; budget-savvy plan that achieves your goals. We can help you make good choices about your CRM and MarTech stack requirements so your ability to understand customers and data grows with you.We are frictionless to work with and keep our costs surprisingly low by being digital disruptors ourselves. Our methodologies; service packages and dynamic; open architecture model let us bring in the right resources for the task; fully understanding that the marketing skills and the nature and volume of work you require today and 6 months from now may be very different. We can establish and manage agency and Martech provider relationships or get the work done in other; smart ways. Sound good? Please get in touch for a conversation. We’d love to hear about your venture.




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