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About Us

By way of introduction, we are a group of developers and enthusiasts who have come together in the Zclassic Community with a common interest to continue the maintenance and development of Zclassic code and network. We decided to form Zclassic Community Edition to sustain the amazing development that you have started before forking off as the Bitcoin Private Team. As of now, we are an entirely community-based and volunteer-run informal organization and it is our intention to make a formal bid on the Zclassic project proposal process following the guidelines you have outlined in the Medium article ‘The Future of Zclassic’ (https://medium.com/@ZclassicCoin/the-future-of-zclassic-c2b3206c1233).However, following on from your announcement on Twitter and on Medium, a number of users have highlighted concerns about continuing access to their funds or being unable to fully control them after the decommissioning of official Zclassic infrastructure as noted in your public statement.Therefore, we have decided to temporarily put aside our development efforts and drafting of the project proposal to make way for setting up alternative resources for the Zclassic Community. As the deadline for submission for the Zclassic project proposal process is June 01 and the decommissioning will be on April 01, we have prioritized to help the community set up full nodes and electrum servers to compensate for the shutdown of official resources.As much as we have tried to reach out to as many ZCL users as we can, this reach is limited to approximate the vast majority of Zclassic user base. Therefore, we invite and encourage you to incorporate our new Zclassic Community Full Nodes and Community ElectrumX Servers in any of your future announcements or updates on Zclassic Full Nodes, Official Builds of Electrum Client and the Official Electrum Service that you were running.The Zclassic Community Edition Core Team in behalf of the Zclassic Community




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