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In December 2017 the federal government created an economic stimulus program designed to spur investment in distressed communities (i.e., �Opportunity Zones�) by providing unprecedented tax benefits to investors. The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act allowed for the creation of �Qualified Opportunity Funds� (�QOF�) in which tax payers are able to reinvest capital gains (within 180 days of liquidation) in order to defer taxes thereon (for up to 7 years) while receiving up to a 15% tax exclusion for investments held in excess of 5 years, and a permanent tax exclusion from capital gains thereon for investments held in excess of 10 years.Investment of capital gains into such a fund is a lot like a 1031 tax exchange for real estate, but: (1) the liquidated asset giving rise to capital gains does not have to be real estate � e.g., it can also be the sale of a company, stock, precious metals, art,or even crypto currency; (2) the tax liability is not only deferred, but also reduced over time; and (3) the QOF does not have to invest in real estate � it can, but can also invest in anything located within a(n) Opportunity Zone(s).With such unprecedented tax savings in mind, we founded Zone Opportunity Fund, Inc., the purpose of which will be to pool investors� deferred capital gains (and other investment capital) to reinvest in QOZs � particularly, real estate and (legal) related businesses.




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